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600+ global customers, serving over 3 million end users, have used Neptune Software to deliver customized mobile and desktop applications

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A fast and cost-effective way to develop custom apps - saving your organization time and money on development, integration, and operations.

A simplified approach to designing, building, integrating, deploying, and maintaining SAP® applications

Accelerate the creation of full-stack, modern business solutions across your SAP landscape. Digitize your enterprise with user-friendly and intuitive apps, with offline capabilities, deployed across multiple devices.

“A superior product based on cost, rapid build, deploy, and ease of maintaining. If you have fragmented systems, Neptune is your silver bullet!”


UFA is one of Canada’s largest and most diverse cooperatives, with more than 120,000 member-owners, a network of more than 110 bulk fuel and Cardlock locations, and 35 Farm and Ranch Supply Stores that have served rural communities for over a century. UFA provides products, services, and solutions to farmers, ranchers, and commercial customers in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

UFA needed to replace their outdated, highly customized, and difficult to support external card management system at their 35 farm stores and at over 100 petroleum locations in Western Canada. Further complicating things, the card system was not fully integrated with SAP and lacked the industry standards for functionality.

An overhaul from the existing infrastructure – that had been built seven years prior as a standalone software that did not integrate well with UFAs website and SAP backend systems – was required. Our team implemented a system agnostic user interface using the Neptune platform, which reduced barriers to user adoption, and provided system administrators with a single point of entry and an intuitive user interface.

This ultimately resulted in a decrease to average customer call handling time, and a three-fold increase in new card requests. Greater admin transparency and data accuracy were additional benefits realized by UFA.

Neptune has helped to transform hundreds of businesses.

Core features include:
  • Programming code extending
  • Customized branding
  • Data security
  • Platform compatibility
  • File management
  • Customization
  • Help guides
  • UI code extending
  • Application templates
  • Application deployment
  • Lifecycle management
  • Multi-language support
  • Straight-out-of-the-box functionality
  • Patching and updates
TC Energy
Noble Corporation
City of San Diego

Boost your team’s productivity and drive long-term business impact with these key benefits:

Mobile Readiness

Robust offline capabilities with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and mobility – no additional infrastructure or middleware required.

Cost Savings

Reduce total cost of ownership by 65% compared to other vendors.

Heightened Productivity

Reduce enterprise application development and software maintenance by 80%.


Simplify integration on any back-end system, any cloud, any architecture

Increased Capacity

Expand your company’s IT capacity by at least 50%.

Script Editor

Seamlessly bridge low-code and pro-code and fine-tune your microservices with a powerful server script editor.

Garner Peer Insights

For three years and counting, Neptune Software has made Gartner’s top 20 list of Multiexperience Development Platforms (MXDP)

Based on several 5-star user ratings and reviews like the following:

The Neptune Platform is a highly powerful solution to help alleviate fragmented IT landscapes to provide users a seamless, single point of entry UX, regardless of where the data source resides, on-prem, cloud or hybrid. From a technical perspective, this optimizes IT departments to help drive standardization of application development and ease of not only customizing them but also simplifying the ongoing maintenance of those customizations/enhancements."

Neptune software has been a huge success for our organization and allowed us to develop our SAP mobile strategy with much less cost and effort than other options.”

"We've managed to go live fast with business applications that simplified operations significantly. This has been an eye-opener to the business that we can actually improve through digitalization with apps and empower the worker to do the job in the system, while they're doing the job in person."

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