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Seamless functionality – anytime, anywhere

By providing on-the-go access to critical information, BlueWorx empowers maintenance teams to maximize their productivity. Technicians can receive assignments, update work orders, and access documentation directly from their mobile devices, reducing downtime and increasing overall output.

Case Study / Hydro Tasmania

“BlueWorx was fast and easy to deploy with the initial setup taking only 30 days, and the implementation costs were minimal.”

Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s leading clean energy business and it’s largest generator of renewable energy. Hydro Tasmania employs over 1,200 people and manages a large asset footprint, producing 9,000 gigawatt hours of clean electricity – enough to sustainably power 900,000 Australian homes and businesses. Their infrastructure includes 30 hydropower stations, 54 major dams, 188 headwork gates and valves, 43 pipelines, and 63 generators.

Hydro Tasmania was seeking a mobile asset management application that would connect with its SAP ERP backend and fit existing and required data structures. New requirements included the addition to GIS maps, improved functionality for work orders and notifications, and the ability to attach documents and videos. They were also seeking to increase their user base by over 100%, from 20 to 50.

BlueWorx provided Hydro Tasmania with the right balance between extensive functionality and simplicity of configuration and use. The implementation took 60 days end-to-end, including involvement from business users.

The key decision-making factors for Hydro Tasmania included:

Faster sync times and more data transfer
Ability to use both mobile devices and desktop with a consistent look and feel
No middleware or additional infrastructure required
Heightened user experience with offline capabilities
Ability to be used by different work groups with different requirements
Could be easily supported by in-house developers, reducing the total cost of ownership

Ultimately, work that is allocated faster is work that is completed sooner. Fewer delays and less paperwork translated to lower costs, better maintained assets, and improved business outcomes.

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BlueWorx is built for enterprises on SAP® who need to manage and inspect their assets, whether in warehouses, factories, or out in the field.

BlueWorx vs Traditional SAP
Core BlueWorx functionality includes:
  • Work and service orders Measurement points
  • Notifications Measurement documents
  • Comprehensive asset inspections Bill of materials
  • Functional location details Documents & permits
  • Equipment details Locate assets, asset annotations, and work actions spatially
  • Material balances, issues, reservations & exchanges Optional Google map and ESRI map integration
  • Measurement reading list Comprehensive configurable fully SAP integrated inspections

Mobility is more than just a mere convenience. Consider the wide range of benefits your organization can realize by mobilizing your EAM processes.

Increased Wrench Time

Data entry in BlueWorx is direct, simple, and streamlined - and completed at the job site. That means more time doing the work and less time writing it up.

Data-Driven Decision Making

By providing greater control over values, streamlining data collection, and reducing the time between capture and SAP update, BlueWorx ensures impactful insights.

Inventory Optimization

The ability to check stock levels in real time and order parts as needed prevents overstocking and minimizes waste related to excess inventory, ensuring that materials are used efficiently.

Workforce Engagement

Providing your team with the right tools to do their job effectively is important and will help to keep them engaged.

Improved Communication

BlueWorx facilitates real-time communication between field technicians, supervisors, and other stakeholders. This enhances collaboration, ensures quick response to changing conditions, and promotes a more connected and responsive work environment.

Resource Waste Reduction

Reduced time on data entry, reduced printing costs, reduced admin costs – helping your organization to become paperless and more sustainable.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime is a productivity killer. BlueWorx minimizes downtime through better preventative maintenance practices.

Regulatory Compliance

Non-compliance can lead to fines, penalties, damage, injury…and even loss of life. BlueWorx ensures that assets are inspected correctly, on time and that the results are properly actioned and stored.

Improved Customer Service

Faster response times, accurate information, and improved asset reliability contribute to better service delivery. This, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction.

This is literally what we have been wanting for years. It finally feels like we are a professional organization which has up-to-date tools.”

BlueWorx, being so easy to use, actually did the change management for us. Employees became for more engaged and happy in their everyday work.”

The speed and user interface optimized for mobile make it so easy. Everything I need it at my fingertips, and there is no running back and forth because an upload was unsuccessful.”

We have successfully implemented BlueWorx for a large oil and gas company.

The pain points they faced included an inability to carry out inspections in an efficient manner, major transmit fails due to being unable to upload large data volume, and cryptic error messages. They key driver for the client is the ability to easily enhance the out of the box functionality to suit their business model and needs. This ultimately gave them enhanced field capabilities and access to digital documentation to assist in optimizing their daily tasks.”

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Yes, BlueWorx handles the updates in SAP resulting from inspections. This gives you a record of all inspections in your SAP system. These records can be valuable in proving your operations compliance to the relevant standards and regulations that apply.

Yes, BlueWorx includes fully configurable inspections that give you the power to decide what information is collected and what checks are performed.

Yes, BlueWorx continues to function offline, so it’s perfect for remote areas or buildings without connectivity. When your device reconnects to the internet BlueWorx then updates the system with the collected data.

The underlying technology used by BlueWorx is SAP ABAP for the backend logic, JavaScript for the front-end logic and SAPUI5 (Fiori®) for the look and feel. All from a single code base controlled from within your SAP ERP system.

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