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Modernizing Rural Connectivity: S4A’s Transformation of UFA’s Card Management System

Investigate how Neptune Software transformed over 100 petroleum locations, optimizing card management and ensuring seamless data flow from local UFA stores to the SAP backend.

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“S4A’s solution ultimately resulted in a decrease to average customer call handling time, and a three-fold increase in new card requests.”

UFA is one of Canada’s largest and most diverse cooperatives, with more than 120,000 member-owners, a network of more than 110 bulk fuel and Cardlock locations, and 35 Farm and Ranch Supply Stores that have served rural communities for over a century.

UFA provides products, services, and solutions to farmers, ranchers, and commercial customers in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia

The Challenge:

UFA needed to replace their outdated, highly customized, and difficult to support external card management system at their 35 farm stores and at over 100 petroleum locations in Western Canada. Further complicating things, the card system was not fully integrated with SAP. It also lacked the industry standards for functionality for its card management-based platform.

All of this meant that pertinent data and transactions being captured at the local farm store level was not making its way to the backend SAP system.

ufa cardlock

"Our cardlock administrators now have a single point of entry and an intuitive user interface to manage the Cardlink controls such as gas volumes, thresholds, etc. Neptune is a superior product based on cost, rapid build and deployment, and ease of maintenance. If you have fragmented systems, Neptune is your silver bullet."

The Solution:

An overhaul from the existing infrastructure – that had been built seven years prior as a standalone software that did not integrate well with UFAs website and SAP backend systems – was required. Our team implemented a system agnostic user interface, which reduced barriers to user adoption, and provided system administrators with a single point of entry and an intuitive user interface.

ufa training and support

“Our in-house developers are confident and managed to quickly ramp-up on the capabilities of the platform. We are on the right path to becoming fully self-sufficient. Training and support from the S4A team has been integral to the adoption and sustainment support.”

The Outcome:

This ultimately resulted in a decrease to average customer call handling time, and a three-fold increase in new card requests. This single source of card management administration decreased rework and risk. Greater admin transparency and data accuracy were additional benefits realized by UFA.

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