Company vision:

To be the most innovative and diverse technology services boutique company in North America.

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Collaboration, creativity, and deep expertise are at the core of every S4A project

We are specialists in all stages of SAP project life cycles including strategy, implementation, optimization, and maintenance.

An alternative to the large Tier 1 consulting firms, S4A’s agile, scalable approach focuses on optimizing and mobilizing SAP enterprise functions.

Reinventing possibilities, we’ll create and innovate with you to drive operational efficiency, stability, and growth. S4A is part of the SPRO Group of Companies and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Empowering organizations to orchestrate business information with seamless solutions, anytime, anywhere

Our core values are our guiding principles that define our organizational identity, shaping the way we operate, innovate, and interact with the world:

Partnership and Team Collaboration

By prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of our customers, we forge lasting relationships that go beyond transactions.


Our commitment to continuous learning ensures that we adapt to emerging trends and stay at the forefront of technology.

Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing differences in people and perspectives enriches our collaborative environment, sparking creativity. Actively engaging everyone ensures that every voice is heard and valued.


Striving for high quality in all aspects of our work, from apps to processes to technical design, ensures that we deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Trust and Respect

Trust is the foundation of every successful partnership. By treating others with dignity, fairness, and empathy, we build a culture of trust both within our organization and with our clients.

Accountability and Integrity

Taking responsibility for our actions and outcomes ensures that we learn and grow from every experience. Acting with honesty and transparency builds a reputation that underpins our relationships with clients, partners, and each other.

We believe that the most groundbreaking solutions emerge when diverse minds come together

At S4A, we champion diversity as a fundamental pillar of our organizational identity.
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We firmly believe that a diverse workforce is not just an ideal; it is the catalyst for innovation and the cornerstone of our ability to develop solutions that resonate with a broad spectrum of clients. With several of our team members based in Brazil, we recognize that our diversity is one of our core strengths, and a unique competitive advantage that we bring to our projects and client relationships.

Diversity is not just about representation; it's about creating an inclusive and equitable workplace where every team member feels valued and heard. We recognize that the best and brightest minds are drawn to companies that prioritize inclusivity, and we are proud to be a magnet for such talent.

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