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Improve the currency of your reporting by focusing on the insights that matter

Envoy EAM Pulse gives you a set of Power BI Reports that easily plugs into the over 700 data points delivered with Envoy Bridge. Our insightful reports lay the groundwork and gives you the ability to uncover actionable insights using Power BI. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to informed decision-making.

Why choose Envoy EAM Pulse™?
Get actionable insights from your data.

We understand the challenges businesses face in utilizing data effectively. Envoy EAM Pulse is here to bridge the gap, giving organizations a fast track to look at opportunities for improvement.


Powered by and built using Power BI.

Since most organizations already leverage the Microsoft platform, so does Pulse rather than introducing a new technology. Users can start looking for insights in a familiar solution and reduce the dependency on their IT teams for deployment or management.

Questions that our Envoy Pulse reports answer:

  • Are we getting work when we are supposed to?
  • How much reactive work is breaking into my schedule?
  • Is there a specific asset or functional location that is more problematic than others? (downtime events)
  • Are we performing inspections on those regularly?
  • Are my field workers performing synchs on a regular basis?
  • Are my high criticality assets being inspected on time?
  • What opportunistic work is there in my backlog?

Explore Envoy EAM Pulse™ Reports

Reports can be customized as needed and will ensure consistent reporting across functional roles. Here are the reports that come standard with Envoy EAM Pulse™.

inspection compliance
Inspection Compliance

Assess whether you are completing inspections, including regulatory inspections, on time.

Schedule compliance
Schedule Compliance

Analyzing overall schedule compliance provides insights into how well your entire EAM process is performing and what business unit or area requires the most attention.


Evaluate the historical mean time between failure at the equipment or functional location level, enabling you to stay ahead of problematic equipment.

Backlog Monitor

Visualize the state of your current backlog so that you can prioritize the highest impact and most time-sensitive items.

Blueworx material monitor
BlueWorx Materials Monitor

Allows you to quickly identify commonly ordered materials and provide insights into why some materials orders fail.

Blueworx sync monitor
BlueWorx Synch Monitor

This report provides insights on where synchs are being performed, where they are failing, and the status of synchs.

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Measure your EAM execution

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We decided to leverage Power BI, for it’s analytical capabilities as well as it’s strong adoption rate. The intent is to provide powerful and actionable insights in a familiar platform while not imposing or requiring major effort from your IT department. As well our Bridge Connectors have been optimized to work with the incremental update feature in Power BI, to deliver near-real-time data in your reports.

First, you’ll need to have our Bridge Connectors deployed and then our team will help you to deploy our reports in your Office 365 tenant. From there you’ll be able to share your reports to others in your company basically in the same easy way that you would share a Word document.

After deployment you (the Power BI Report Owner) are in control and the reports are just like any other Power BI report you create and manage. But don’t worry we’re still here to help! We have a team of Power BI experts that can help with reports as needed, granted that they are still in their original state.

Ready to take it a step further? We’re here to help with that as well! Our Power BI Experts can engage with you to create whole new reports or simply to incorporate other data points.

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