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Redefining SAP® logistics for the modern enterprise

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A collection of apps designed to help organizations get the most out of their SAP® investment

Envoy Maestro™ is a powerful suite of apps meticulously crafted to simplify every facet of your organization's logistics management. Like an orchestra Maestro, we allow the user to conduct movements and transfers all with the swipe of their fingers.

Why choose Maestro?
Simple, fast, and works anywhere

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Envoy Maestro™ is the ultimate solution to elevate your SAP® experience. Key features include:

Offline Capability

Enjoy uninterrupted operations by seamlessly transitioning between online and offline modes. Whether you're in a remote location or facing connectivity issues, Envoy Maestro™ ensures that your logistics processes continue without a hitch.

Fully Responsive

Every app within the suite is meticulously designed and rigorously tested to perform flawlessly on all devices. Regardless of your business's preferred platform, you can rely on Envoy Maestro™ to deliver consistent and optimal performance.

Extendable and Customizable

Envoy Maestro™ can be tailored to suit your evolving business needs effortlessly, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your unique logistics workflows.

Top-Notch Support

Count on Envoy Maestro™ for prompt and effective support, ensuring that any questions or technical issues are addressed promptly, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Built by Industry Experts

Envoy Maestro™ is the brainchild of S4A IT Solutions, an industry leader boasting over 50 years of combined experience in SAP project lifecycles and enterprise functions. Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise embedded in every aspect of our solution.

Trusted by the Best

Envoy Maestro™ is the preferred choice for those seeking robust and reliable applications to streamline their logistics operations, including some of the largest companies in North America.

Simple apps.
Powerful functionality.

Envoy Maestro™ ensures precision, efficiency, and accessibility in every facet of your logistics operations.

change bin location app icon
Change Bin Location

Easily pinpoint materials by material type, storage, and bin location. Modify bin locations for multiple materials at once, simplifying the process and enhancing the accuracy of your inventory management.

inventory counts app icon
Inventory Count

Check and update inventory counts by date, user, material, plant, and more. Gain clear visibility into counts and count status and avoid confusion with the ability to check out any document while you work, maintaining precise control over your inventory.

Label Printing app icon
Inventory Label Printing

Select your default printer, then effortlessly scan or search to find your material. Print multiple labels for various products simultaneously, based on the label size of your choosing. This functionality provides a hassle-free solution for accurate and efficient inventory labeling.

material availability app icon
Material Availability

Instantly access information associated with an order, including total counts, requested dates and quantities, as well as committed dates and quantities.

material document reversals app icon
Material Document Reversals

Search and reverse multiple documents at once, or drill down into individual documents to reverse specific items. This feature provides flexibility and precision in managing your material documentation.

material transfers app icon
Material Transfer

Search by plant and material to effortlessly move unrestricted, quality, and blocked stock quantities to any storage location, plant, project, or stock status.

PO receipt app icon
Purchase Order Receipt

Effortlessly locate and post goods and services receipts using eight advanced search options or a convenient PO scan. Take control of your purchase order processes with ease.

MRP Report app icon
Single Line MRP Reports

Time is of the essence in production, and this tool is designed to save you time by providing a simple and efficient way to create reports in the palm of your hand. Access critical information swiftly and make informed decisions.

subcontractor stock app icon
Subcontractor Stock

Easily check material availability and post materials from subcontractors with Envoy Maestro. This accessibility allows you to oversee and control your procurement processes from anywhere, at any time.

subcontractor stock app icon
Envoy Tempus™

View, manage, and create multiple timesheet entries with ease. Gain valuable insights through built-in reports that showcase entries by assignment, status, type, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Deployed within your SAP system (ECC S/4HANA) and built using Neptune means our apps are easily customizable and extendable. For more information on Neptune follow this link.

Envoy Maestro works on iOS tablets and phones 10.0+; Android tablets and phones 6.0+, Windows 10+, and any HTML5 compliant web browser (ie. Edge, Chrome).

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