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SAP® Planning & Scheduling

Stay informed, plan accordingly, and bring balance to your schedule

Enabling planners, schedulers, and managers to collaborate,
create, and manage work plans.

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Your ultimate SAP® planning and scheduling solution

Tired of juggling multiple tasks, struggling with conflicting schedules, and feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of unscheduled work? Envoy Balance™ is here to bring equilibrium to your planning and scheduling processes.

Create Balance Automation

Game-changing automations

Automating tedious and repetitive tasks

Built by schedulers for schedulers – We worked with Work Management Planners to identify and automate common tasks and manual procedures. Envoy Balance™ saves a tremendous amount of time by automating both assigning resources to maintenance plan operations, and bringing in a set of work orders into a plan.

KPIs and notifications

Tracking & Notifications

Bring balance to your schedules with key metrics & notifications

From plan creation to approval, you'll know exactly what your backlog looks like, scheduled vs planned hours, remaining work and more with our KPI's. You'll also receive important notifications about changes to plans, resources and more.

Features & Benefits

Feature-rich and user-friendly

We understand the challenges with coordinating tasks effectively. Envoy Balance™ empowers your team with the tools required to create, manage, and automate work plans seamlessly. Key features include:

Create Plans and Assign Resources

Easily craft comprehensive work plans and effortlessly assign resources with Envoy Balance™. Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth planning experience, allowing you to allocate resources efficiently.

Envoy balance plan and resources
Template-Based Planning

Save time and streamline your planning process by creating plans from templates. With default resource and team assignments, kickstart your projects with a solid foundation for repeatable success.

Envoy balance plan and resources
Automatic Resource Assignment

Let Envoy Balance™ do the heavy lifting for you. Our software automatically assigns resources to work items based on availability, ensuring optimal utilization of your workforce.

Envoy balance plan and resources
Resource Management and Availability

Efficiently manage and assign resources according to their availability. With real-time insights, you can make informed decisions and ensure that your workforce is utilized to its full potential.

resource card
Flexible Modifications

Plans change, and Envoy Balance™ adapts with you.

Modify planned dates and hours with ease, maintaining flexibility in response to evolving project requirements.

gantt view
Built-in KPI’s

Envoy Balance™ comes equipped with built-in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide real-time insights into the execution of your maintenance plan. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall performance.

plan kpis
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Designed, built, and deployed with the Neptune platform meaning there is nothing in the middle of our application and your SAP environment. For more information on how Neptune integrates natively with SAP click here.

Envoy Balance works on iOS tablets and phones 10.0+; Android tablets and phones 6.0+, Windows 10+, and any HTML5 compliant browser.

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