Hydro Tasmania

Innovation in Energy: Hydro Tasmania's Path to Efficiency with BlueWorx

Unveiling the impact of faster sync times and seamless data transfer. Hydro Tasmania's adoption of BlueWorx's mobile asset management solution marked a pivotal moment in operational efficiency.

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“Fewer delays and less paperwork translated to lower costs, better maintained assets, and improved business outcomes.”
Meet Hydro Tasmania:
Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading clean energy business and its largest generator of renewable energy.

Hydro Tasmania employs over 1,200 people and manages a large asset footprint, producing 9,000 gigawatt hours of clean electricity – enough to sustainably power 900,000 Australian homes and businesses. Their infrastructure includes 30 hydropower stations, 54 major dams, 188 headwork gates and valves, 43 pipelines, and 63 generators.

The Challenge:

Hydro Tasmania was seeking a mobile asset management application that would connect with its SAP ERP backend and fit existing and required data structures. New requirements included the addition to GIS maps, improved functionality for work orders and notifications, and the ability to attach documents and videos. They were also seeking to increase their user base by over 100%, from 20 to 50.

Hydro Tasmania
"BlueWorx was fast and easy to deploy with the initial setup taking only 30 days. The implementation costs were minimal too, despite us deploying the solution to a larger base."
The Solution:

BlueWorx provided Hydro Tasmania with the right balance between extensive functionality and simplicity of configuration and use. The implementation took 60 days end-to-end, including involvement from business users.

The key decision-making factors for Hydro Tasmania included:
  • Faster sync times and more data transfer
  • Ability to use both mobile devices and desktop with a consistent look and feel
  • No middleware or additional infrastructure required
  • Heightened user experience with offline capabilities
  • Ability to be used by different work groups with different requirements
  • Could be easily supported by in-house developers, reducing the total cost of ownership
Hydro Tasmania
“The team finds the interface simple to navigate and very easy to use. They like using BlueWorx which makes support of the software a breeze.”
The Outcome:

Ultimately, work that is allocated faster is work that is completed sooner. Fewer delays and less paperwork translated to lower costs, better maintained assets, and improved business outcomes.

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