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Renova Energia, established in 2001, stands as a trailblazer in the renewable energy sector, focusing on wind and solar electricity generation.

Renova Energia solar energy

With operational plants in Bahia and a diverse array of projects in development across various municipalities in northeastern Brazil, Renova is committed to diversifying the nation’s energy matrix. Renova Energia has the distinction of being the first company in the renewable energy sector to have its shares listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, in 2010, reflecting its commitment to governance excellence.

Renova’s governance framework fosters robust communication and collaboration between its board of directors and executive team, ensuring transparency and agility in strategic decision-making processes. By embracing high standards of governance, Renova Energia reinforces its dedication to responsible corporate practices and sustainable energy development.

Renova Energia Wind Energy team

As Renova Energia expanded its operations, it faced the challenge of managing diverse processes across departments effectively. The company lacked a centralized system to monitor and optimize its day-to-day operations. Communication between departments relied heavily on email, leading to inefficiencies, miscommunications, and the risk of lost documentation.

Additionally, with the need for stringent audits due to its stock market presence, Renova required a solution to ensure compliance and transparency.

Renova Energia S4A solution

Renova Energia opted for the Fusion Platform to address its process orchestration and communication challenges. The platform was chosen after careful consideration of both technical and commercial factors. It needed to be user-friendly, adaptable, and capable of demonstrating value with a reasonable investment. The company selected four key processes— supplier payments, purchases, business travel, and accounting—to initiate the implementation.

Fusion integrated seamlessly with Renova’s existing ERP system, providing a higher level of control and coordination. For instance, when initiating a purchase or payment order, the BPM process would automatically trigger, prompting the necessary documentation before proceeding to the ERP for final approval. Similarly, approval requests were streamlined within the platform, replacing the cumbersome email-based process.

Since adopting Fusion, Renova Energia has witnessed significant improvements in its operational efficiency and communication. Over 90,000 payments have been processed through the platform, streamlining document management and reducing reliance on email communication. Within ten months, the company experienced a reduction of over 4,000 emails, resulting in enhanced clarity and accountability across departments.

Moreover, audits became more manageable with Fusion, providing auditors with real-time visibility into processes, version history, and key indicators. Renova Energia’s investment in the Fusion Platform proved to be highly effective, demonstrating the value of process optimization and digital transformation in the sustainable energy sector.

Renova Energia’s success story highlights the transformative impact of adopting a BPMS tool like Fusion Platform. By centralizing processes, enhancing communication, and ensuring compliance, companies can achieve operational excellence and drive sustainable growth, all while optimizing investments in technology.

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