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Effective business process management is the backbone of organizational success

It's about so much more than just managing workflows—it's about maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs, and ensuring seamless operations across your entire enterprise

By implementing robust business process management (BPM) practices, organizations can streamline their processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve overall productivity. Whether you're in manufacturing, telecommunications, public sector, or any other industry, BPM provides the framework to standardize operations, enhance collaboration, and adapt to changing market dynamics. And Fusion is the all-in-one BPM platform that will empower you to make smarter decisions, accelerate innovation, and achieve your business objectives.

“As a result of this implementation, Fusion won the WFMC Global Awards for Excellence in BPM.”

City of Rio De Janeiro

The City of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city and home to over 6 million residents, was looking to reduce their bureaucratic processes and turnaround time when it came to issuing permits. At the time, the average time in Rio De Janeiro to obtain a permit was 54 days, which was almost twice the Latin America average of 29 days. For more complicated permitting activities, the process could take years.

Streamlining Rio De Janeiro’s permitting process required an involved review of the entire licensing process for commercial establishments. Any solution would need to support all aspects of the permitting process including site queries and licensing.

Fusion Platform was implemented and the results speak for themselves:

  • Today, 45% of permits are issued in less than 30 minutes (down from the previous average of 54 days)
  • Over 70% of license queries are answered automatically (without the need for human involvement)
  • 19 regional inspection offices were reduced to nine offices
  • In the year following implementation, a 25% increase in revenue was realized
  • Overall, there has been an 85% reduction in time to issue permits

Features that make Fusion the right choice for your business include:

  • iOS and Android app
  • Includes document management
  • Generate documentation
  • Ease of modelling
  • Unlimited standard product support
  • Integrated platform
  • Electronic and digital signature
  • Easy integration
  • Social network features

Business process and electronic document management can be a gamechanger for your organization:

Simplified Automation

Taking workflows online and away from dated and paper-based manual processes.

Transparency and traceability

Easy identification of tasks, controlling deadlines and simplifying the decision-making process.


Start, approve, and execute tasks, anytime and anywhere!

Performance Monitoring

Measuring and identifying bottlenecks, putting the company to a constant process’s evolution.

Information Security

Access control by users through permission and timeline management.

Physical Storage Reduction

A physical space for storing documents becomes unnecessary.

“With Fusion, we are almost totally independent and our team is able to solve almost all the problems right away, customizing and creating new processes as needed, which is one of the biggest benefits of the platform.”

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