Prebilt Supply Chain

PreBilt™ - SAP® Supply Chain Mobility

Mobilize end-to-end supply chain processes to streamline operations, increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Gain critical business insights instantly by transforming supply chain operations with real-time visibility and traceability.

Updating manual and paper-based processes, or outdated technology, with innovative mobile solutions means you can monitor and share data, perform transactions and access SAP® data on-demand from any mobile device, enabling live information to inform business activities.

SAP® Reimagined with PreBilt™

Unlock the potential of SAP® for the Supply Chain with our innovative mobile solution.

PreBilt™ is a comprehensive suite of mobile applications, which have been designed to digitize any supply chain process within warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centres.

Seamlessly integrating with SAP®, PreBilt™ applications allow users to complete any process within SAP supply chain modules including, Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management (WM) or Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), on the move from any mobile device.

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User Friendly

Intuitive and easy to navigate user interface for increased staff engagement.

SAP-Certified Integration

Seamless integration with SAP S/4HANA® and SAP® ECC®.

3PL Integration

Ability to fully integrate with any 3PL technology including automation and voice.

PreBilt™ Business Benefits

Moving to mobile for your end-to-end processes will bring multiple operational and business benefits:

Increasing productivity

Reduce the time taken to manually complete tasks, improving data accuracy and offering real-time insights.

Stock Accuracy

View accurate stock quantities, storage locations and movements, in real-time for operating efficiently, but ultimately a positive customer experience.

Digital Data

Maintain all data digitally ensures that information can always be accessed when needed and reduces reliance.

Improved Profitability

Tangible cost savings through reduced manual processes, along with the significant labour time savings.

Eliminate Paperwork

Reduce data input time, eradicate risk of losing documentation and ensure complete traceability, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Staff Onboarding

With intuitive, simple to use mobile applications, staff training time is minimized, while reducing the reliance on experienced staff members to train new employees.

Employee Engagement

Simplifying process tasks for users, offering an intuitive user interface, while reducing operational errors and customer complaints, contribute to employee engagement.

Order Fulfilment

Increased inventory accuracy, visible pick locations and delivery details available on-demand means orders can be picked, packed and shipped faster to ensure more orders fulfilled on time in full.

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