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Bridging the gap between insights and your data

Unlock the black box and stream crucial Plant Maintenance data into your third-party application or database of choice.

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Envoy bridge

Turn your SAP® data into over 700 points of action

We've taken into account that each customer has their own business rules and nuances, so to control the data flow we've included the ability to easily adjust the selection criteria (parameters) from within SAP. This means better performance when downloading or updating data when using our Connectors.

Deploy instantly and integrate with your favorite platforms

Connecting directly to your SAP® environment in a fully configurable manner to extract the data you need in a way that best suits you.

Envoy Bridge Integrations

We understand the challenges businesses face in managing and utilizing data effectively

Envoy Bridge™ is here to bridge the gap, offering a practical solution that aligns with reporting best practices. Key features include:

  • Optimized for performance and integration
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Easily deployable in days
  • Constantly evolving with input from domain experts
  • Available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish (Dependent on customers SAP language library)
  • Over 700 mapped attributes (Standard SAP and calculated fields)
envoy bridge

Uncover the data that matters most

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We deploy a set of CDS views and oData services in your SAP environment. This means that there is no need to migrate data to a cloud data base.

Yes! We created a parameter table that allows you to control the volume and types of data coming through the services. This will allow you to optimize data ingestion into your third-party application of choice. As well you can ensure that scope of data is relevant to your reporting or application’s needs.

There are over 700 data points available in Bridge! Once deployed we will provide you with a comprehensive data dictionary.

SAP ECC (6.04 or greater) and S4 HANA (2018-2020). Can be deployed on environments that are still running older versions of SAP DB.

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